Changing Things Up


Kieran is currently taking his annual holiday break from his meds. He was taking breaks every weekend throughout the fall without his doctor’s permission or our knowledge (until he caved and told me)… he feels that the medication is keeping him from being taller.

Kieran off meds: a bit frantic, happy, eating, sleeping, walking away mid-task to do something else, a bit obsessive.

He says he feels more creative off his medication.

Kieran on Concerta: angry, restless, focused, having difficulty with some physical symptoms (don’t want to mention due to embarrassment), growing, but possibly more slowly.

Because of the anger and physical difficulties (which I was proud that Kieran had researched himself), we have decided to change up his medication starting in the new year.

I did some research and read some blogs about side effects of this new medicine: Vyvanse.

It lasts only 9-10 hours, so parents seemed pleased that their child was able to fall to sleep. If not, melatonin was recommended.

Appetite was definitely decreased.

Something I had never thought of, was having the child take the medicine around 5 a.m., fall back to sleep, then have it “on board” for the morning routine.

Kieran has nixed this idea. It would also mean no medicine for homework.

We shall see what the new year brings.

I’m glad that Kieran is a part of the conversation and process now.

He has a voice.

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