Heart Map

I was reminded of the importance of students’ completing a Heart Map to encourage their writing.

I had my pre-service teachers complete one as we embark on what could be their first experience in writing (and hopefully planning to one day incorporate into their own classrooms) a writer’s notebook.

Because I always write with them, I thought it was time to update my Heart Map as well:


What would be on your “today” Heart Map?

7 thoughts on “Heart Map

  1. Today my heart map would have my husband, my children coffee ,running Germany, books, writing and airplane rides

  2. I have not updated mine in quite some time… with one about to leave for college and the other ready to drive … I am thinking I will have to revise what fills my heart. Not change, revise. The relationships are revised each year as they grow into young adults. Volunteering would be added. Book Love Foundation would be added. Hmmmmm — what else? Now you have me thinking.

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