Texting Relationship


Liam is more likely to share what he is thinking and feeling through texting.

Because he uses perfect grammar and spelling,

And does not even write “K” or “ok,” but spells out “okay” and capitalizes his “I,”

I especially love reading his texts.


I can tell when he’s ready to be picked up when he tells me “Done soon” or “Where are you?”

I know he is a bit bored when he texts “Hi, what are you doing?”

I feel his love when he texts me heart emojis and wishes me “sweet dreams” before he turns his phone off for the night.

I know he’s a bit lonely when he writes, “When will you be home?”


I look forward to hearing from him right after school, when he gets off the bus, or from a practice or rehearsal at night.

It’s an easier and direct way for him to share his thoughts and feelings.

I am thankful for texting and how it has kept us connected during his first year of high school.

9 thoughts on “Texting Relationship

  1. I love how you highlighted the positives of texting with your son. There definitely are some upsides! Texting made the college transition SO much easier for me.

  2. This is incredibly inspiring to me! I have a 13 year old and things are definitely changing. I hold onto and often screenshot those conversations and texts I want to remember. The ‘When will you be home?’ text, the ‘Thanks, Mom’ text and the best one, the ‘Love you’ text. Thanks for showing me how I can incorporate this into a writing piece!

  3. Love seeing the benefits of texting with your teen. But what I really adore is the way he texts with complete words. That’s what I do (despite people telling me I don’t need to… I want to!).

  4. I agree with Stacey. For most people it is about shortcuts with no consideration to grammar. I am also one of those who does not use abbreviations.

  5. Reading between the lines of text is what mom’s do. You know your son well. 🙂
    I too, am not a shortcut text writer. Nothing annoys me more than K. Really, adding an O was too hard?

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