Change of Heart


Last year, Liam was just about the last person Kieran wanted to see in person or hear someone talk to him about.

It was probably because he was either asked: “Is Liam your brother?”

“Have you seen Liam around?”

“How’s it going, Little Liam (or Little Hower)?”

Or because he was called “Liam” more times than not during the course of any one day.

Then Liam moved to the high school and Kieran got the whole middle school to himself.

Soon, it became:

“Liam, can you help out the Math Counts team on Mondays after school?”

“Liam, run with me during cross country.”

“Liam, we are rooming together for TSA!”

I’m glad that Kieran has changed his feelings about having Liam around now that they are not together as often.

I’m glad that Kieran is looking up to his brother and not seeing him as someone to “get away from” or disown.

I am especially thankful that, while they certainly don’t see eye to eye on everything, they are friends, maybe even the best of friends most of the time.

9 thoughts on “Change of Heart

  1. I found the same with my boys – absence makes the heart grow fonder. Now that they are both in high school they are closer than ever!! – with some fights of course. It is fun to watch them grow together.

  2. My brother and I took a long time to have a strong relationship. Granted, we were brother and sister, so it’s a bit different. But now, as an adult, I know I can count on him. It’s awesome that your boys are finding their own identities, but still finding time for each other 🙂

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