#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 3

Ever since I started school, my older brother, Jacob, and I have been only two years apart. In elementary, since each class stays to itself, and we always had different teachers, no one really connected that we were brothers, or made much of it.

When we hit middle school though, it was the opposite. I really cannot have a day go by without someone calling me by his name. My parents and I have been in meetings about me, with just my teachers, and someone will still call me by his name. Sometimes they have never even taught my brother.

As I said, he is famous.

It wasn’t always that way, though.

When I was in my first school, in Kindergarten and first grade, I always had friends. I even was assigned a girlfriend on a fair rotation: one week would be Abigail; the next week Sara would get a turn to hang around with me. The girls in my class took care of this rotation, so I didn’t really think about it. I just needed to know that when I went to school on Monday, I could not give too much attention to last week’s friend. I had a new friend for the week.

I also had the most epic best friend: Wade. Wade and I were always together. We liked the same things: Star Wars and Legos, of course. We attended the same aftercare in Kindergarten. In fact, Wade had an older brother who was my brother’s age so we even got play dates. Wade was a once in a lifetime friend.

In elementary school, Jacob did not have an easy time. He had trouble with the loud noises and crowds during recess and lunch. He was always into his video games – Mario and Luigi rule! Mom actually asked me to look out for him on the bus, when we were home, and on weekends. I took great pride in helping my older brother with things. He was really great at math back then, but I was really great at just about everything else.

Then, Wade moved and everything changed.

Then, we moved and I became invisible.

11 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 3

  1. Loved how Jack helped his older brother! It’s amazing to have that once in a lifetime friend. Moving is very difficult. I moved when I was in 6th grade. Kept in touch with friends in the beginning, but eventually faded. Hard to keep in touch once apart and life gets busy. Can’t wait to read what happens next!

  2. Loved reading this and the little bit about Jack and his best friend, Wade. My best friend from my early childhood moved when we were in first grade. She lived next door and we were inseparable from probably 3 years old through first grade: I was devastated when she left that summer, and it Took me two years to have that “type” of best friend again. Needless to say it resonated with me.

  3. “Then we moved, and I became invisible.”

    Oh, Jack, you’re killing me! I so want to keep reading more and more!!!

    I want to know more backstory. Each of your slices beautifully hooks the reader in me and gives me a glimpse of Jack. Yet, I know there has to be an underlying facet to him that I want to discover. I just have a hunch that there’s something extraordinary about him.

  4. Ok — you are blowing my mind! Are you doing what I think you are doing? You have been slicing from 3 perspectives for a year. Now is this… I love what you are doing. It could work so perfectly. I know I am rambling. Need more information!!

    Love your narrative writing by the way…

    1. I’m finally getting out the MG novel in my head that’s inspired by the one and only middle child. I’m not sure of the big thing that’s going to help him solve the problem, but I’m starting. It is, I guess bringing it all together…?

  5. Such a great description of both brothers from one brother’s perspective! A great last sentence for a chapter of a book. Of course, we are all dying to hear more!

  6. Both Jack and Jacob have their strong points although I’m sure Jack quite realizes what his are. I have a feeling that when he does he might also come to understand that he is not as invisible as he thinks.

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