#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 12

“Stop looking at me!”

“I’m not looking at you. I’m looking at the dog.”

“I can hear you when you eat!”

“Then leave.”

“Why do you always give me a hard time?”

“Why do you always think you are the boss?”

My sister is so frustrating!

Every morning, guaranteed, during breakfast, we will start picking at each other.

Then mom will tell us not to talk to each other.

Sometimes we have to eat breakfast at separate times.

That only makes the morning more hectic with everyone trying to get everything ready for school.

But I cannot let my sister think she is in charge any more than she already is being the only girl.

I hate it most when we have to go to one of her softball or basketball games.

I don’t want to go.

I don’t even watch the game.

I play video games, then get in trouble for playing video games and not watching my sister play.

I never asked to go.

I’m told, she always supports your events, like concerts and cross-country.

Really? I finish running cross-country in about 15 minutes. Her games go on for hours!

Maybe if I ask if I can stay home with Jacob, and play my instrument or learn math, I can get out of ruining my weekends with sports.

12 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 12

  1. Ah, the friendly banter of siblings!

    Can I tell you that your usage of dialogue in your chapters really helps to bring the piece to life? It adds more than realism; it flourishes your characters with accurate details.

    Well done on this entry!

  2. What would breakfast be without quibbling siblings? I, too, like how the dialogue you use tells us so much about the characters. It really brings them to life.

  3. I’m really getting to know Jack. His back and forth with his sister adds another layer. I, too, like the dialogue, a very hard thing to write! Loving this.

  4. I broke my rule… I read one segment. It is like streaming a series. I too am getting to know Jack – especially since I am pretty sure who he is based on!! Loving this – truly.

  5. Oh, separate breakfast times! Love Jack’s reasoning – how he’s going to convince you to let him stay home with Jacob. I feel like I am really getting to know your family from these mini-chapters. Just enjoying your wriying so much!

  6. The use of the dialogue makes me feel like I’m right there. And the sibling back and forth took me back to my childhood. I think my brother would tell me at least 10 times a day “You’re not the boss of me!” 🙂

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