#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 14

When my mom went to my parent-teacher conference, my science teacher, Mr. Gardner, told her that our science project was really great and that he expected it to finish in the top 3. He told her that he wasn’t the one to judge the projects – other teachers did, but that he was really impressed.

Lindsey, Kiera, and I were excited. Of course, I told them what my mom said. I promised not to tell anyone, but she probably didn’t mean my teammates. Besides, we won’t brag to anyone. That would be rude and maybe get us into trouble.

I just found out, though, that I will not be in school on the day of presentations.

I have to go to a regional Math Olympiad competition that day and have to leave school around the same time we are scheduled to present.


I feel bad leaving all of the work to Lindsey and Kiera, but I have to support my math team too.

I wish I could be in two places at once!

When I got back from the math trip, I couldn’t find Lindsey and Kiera to ask them how the presentation went.

We did okay in our competition. One of our teammates placed 2nd overall. That was nice. The rest of us didn’t place that high, but we had a good time.

It was held at a local college. They have the best food. I can’t wait to go to college!

Later that night, I texted with Lindsey to ask how everything went.

She said they won first place.

They got their picture on Twitter and everyone was really excited for them.


It was my project with them. I did the work too!

Lindsey wrote, Of course, it’s your work too. You won first place w/ us.

Somehow, it doesn’t feel like that though.

8 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 14

  1. Hard to be torn between two places. How disappointing not to be there for the victory. Hope that Jack was at least mentioned as also being part of the winning team.

  2. Jack’s voice I love. “Can’t wait to get to college” because they have the best food! I know how Jack feels about being in 2 places at once. Such a human feeling.

  3. Sorry Jack missed the victory for the Science Project! Hard to be in 2 places at the same time. Know how that feels. Ugh! Glad he had a good time though and enjoyed the food. 🙂

  4. Oh, Jack, your claim to fame! That stinks that he did not get to relish in the glory publically, especially when he knew he did well with his teammates! This is one of those life lessons of being in two places at once, acknowledging that priorities and commitments have to outweigh each other sometimes.

    I really am enjoying getting to know Jack as the chapters continue!

  5. Oh, how that always happens! Two important events or occasions on the same day! Jack did the right thing but I can feel his disappointment. To win first place and not be able to feel the moment with your team! Ugh!

  6. I enjoy that you discuss the desire to be in two places at once. The ability to bi-locate, along with the desire to either fast-forward or rewind time are some of the things I find myself daydreaming about.

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