#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 16

Choosing my events for TSA was a bit easy and a bit hard.

There were some events that were no-brainers, like dragster.

My dad and I used to work on pine run derby cars in cub scouts.

It’s not the exact same thing, but close.

Event 1 – done.

When I showed up to my first TSA meeting, two weeks after meetings started, because I was still at cross-country, I knew I needed to get some more events, quickly.

I found out there would be a run-off for dragster – it’s a very popular event.

But the teacher, Mr. Thomas, would be holding after-school dragster club on Wednesdays. It seemed like an easy way to get a good dragster built – working with the teacher.

As I was looking through the other middle school events (I seriously didn’t even know what some of them were), Aaron asked me if I wanted to do website design with him. Just like that, I had Event 2.

Three more to go.

I tried to listen to other kids who were talking to see if anyone mentioned needing a partner.

Then, I asked the other TSA teacher, Mrs. Zinn. She said that she was glad I asked. She had a Tech Bowl team that needed a fourth member. Event 3 – signed up!

I went home with just those three events. I really needed something I could do by myself. You get more points that way if you do well.

So… I asked my brother if he could help me study for Electrical Applications. This is the event he placed 2nd in, at nationals. He said he would help me with that and with tech bowl, since he came in 6th, at nationals, in that.

Wow! Now I have four events. It’s probably not enough to get me to states because they really recommend five or six, but I have some things that are completely my own, and two things that I can work on with my brother.

He really is good at teaching me things.

5 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 16

  1. Trying to find activities to participate in, Jack seems to be focused. I’m worried for him, though. Is he taking on too much? He’s trusting his brother (a good teacher) to help him. I like seeing that!

  2. Is it me, or does it seem like Jack has matured as these chapters progress? Now that Jack is coming out of his shell and getting involved in extracurriculars, I feel like I am seeing a new side of him, a new spirit. Jack seems so motivated, and it seems like his interests definitely motivate him. I might have missed this, but for what does TSA stand?

  3. I also how Jack is blossoming into his own person. He is seeking help from Jack but now worried about being in his shadow. He is picking events based on if someone needs a partner, not something he would have done at the beginning of this story.

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