#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 22

Close to the end of the day of competition, our technology bowl team is called up to compete in live questioning. This is a single elimination round.

Each of us answers one question and beats the other team: 4-0.

We head out into the hallway. Before today, we really didn’t know one another. We all prepared for the questions by ourselves. The other three students are eighth graders. There are, “Good job, Jacks” all around. I congratulate them too.

We wait for the next two teams to finish to see who we will be going up against in the final. But that means we at least end up in 2nd place!

It’s getting close to the end of the competition and we don’t know who we will be facing. Some of my team goes to collect their other events. I need to get my dragster, but don’t want to miss the announcement for the final.

Luckily, at that moment, my mom comes out of the auditorium. She’s been volunteering as a parent-judge at TSA since Jacob started competing two years ago.

“How’s your day been going?”

“Good. We are waiting for Technology Bowl final.”

“You made it to the final round? That’s incredible!”

“But I need to get my dragster and be here for the final.”

“I’ll get your dragster. It’s okay. Where is it?”

After I tell her, she goes off toward the gym, where the dragsters were raced.

My teammates come back in a group and we finally are called in.

This other team is tough.

They answer and are in the lead. We answer and tie.

They miss one and then we miss one. Still tied.

This goes on for a few more questions.

Finally, they miss one and I know the answer to the next question.

I buzz in and give my answer. Correct! We are up by one.

The last question is announced: we both miss it, but we are up by one.

We win!

This is the best day ever!

5 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 22

  1. Oh my gosh, Jack saves the day! What a confidence-booster for him. He gets to have his moment shining in the sun. I literally smiled when I finished reading this chapter. Great details for the reader to visualize 🙂

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