#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 26

We had to wait until Tuesday to find out who earned enough points to be invited to TSA states.

I did.

I wasn’t surprised because I placed in all of my events and at least one was an individual event. Those are worth more.

I was excited.

At least six of my friends qualified as well.

My friends and I talked about what it would be like to stay in a hotel for the first time without our parents.

They have a pool.

They have an elevator!

Jacob made it to states too.

He was the only ninth grader to qualify. Figures.

That Thursday, when I thought I was going to be staying with my friends, like Aaron, I found out that I am sharing a room with Jacob and two tenth graders.

They must have not had enough high school students to put into the room.

On the one hand, I like it because now I don’t have to worry about sharing a bed with one of my friends.

I was thinking I would sleep on the floor.

But, I’m away from my friends at night. They are probably just next door, but still. We had plans for great fun.

As I was talking at home about all the fun we were planning to have, my mom interrupted: “You know you’re there for a competition, not to ruin the time of all of the other guests. I hate kids like you when I’m staying in a hotel, that run loudly down the halls when I’m trying to sleep.”

“I know Mom, but we have to make the most of our time away from home! We are boys and need to have fun!”

I’m not exactly sure why both she and Jacob were shaking their heads in response.

4 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 26

  1. I really like how you intersperse the short sentences with longer ones. It adds to the voice. And I’m with you there with kids in hotels. I don’t have much patience anymore, I guess.

  2. A seesaw of emotions…spending time with friends – sharing a room with your brother; planning some fun – mother’s warning about not disturbing other guests. Boys do just want to have fun.

  3. I can feel Jack’s excitement and also his apprehension about being away from his friends, who are “probably just next store, but still.”
    Jacob is such a older brother, isn’t he? Shaking his head with the mom. Argh.

  4. Boys will be boys, right? I feel like Jack is seeing the whole trip as a time away with his friends rather than his competition. Because of the detail that Jacob shook his head, I think we can see a real difference in the two brothers here.

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