#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 27

Some concerning things have been going on at lunch.

There are a bunch of new girls at our table.

Most of them are friends with Lindsey, but Kiera and I don’t really know them.

Sometimes we have to move to a different table to sit because too many of Lindsey’s friends invited more friends and there are no more seats.

I don’t know why Lindsey doesn’t come to sit with us.

I guess everyone wants to be with her.

Then, her one friend, Alexis, keeps asking me when I’m going to ask Lindsey out.

I don’t understand why a girl and a boy cannot be friends.

I guess I understood when the guys said we were dating.

Boys sometimes only see things one way: dating/not dating.

Being friends with a girl doesn’t come into the equation.

But, one of her closest friends?

And, for some reason, I don’t know why, it really bothers me that Lindsey says that we are just friends.

I’m not sure why.

3 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 27

  1. Middle school and girlfriend/boyfriend angst. I like how you show Jack’s uncertainty–why can’t boys and girls be friends and why does it bother me that she says we’re just friends!

  2. The difference in the way boys and girls view the same situation. You capture so well how middle school girls rely get their friends involved in their romances.

  3. Ah, there they are: the budding hormones of a middle-schooler. I see this day in/day out in my classroom and in my hallways. Oh, Jack, just you wait as your teenage years continue to pass you by…it will make sense eventually!

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