#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 31

A few weeks ago, we had an assembly to find out how to be a 6th grade mentor.

It’s a part of the RISE program at our school to help incoming 6th graders make a better transition into middle school.

Jacob was a RISE mentor.

Over 270 students attended the assembly to become a RISE mentor.

Some of them came just to get out of class, but it’s a popular program and usually, the mentors are the leaders in the 8th grade class.

We have to fill out an application and then hope our teachers speak for us as being good candidates.

Part of the application was to make a 60-second video about why we would be a good mentor.

It was time for me to be creative and not quiet.

I came up with the idea to wear the different t-shirts from my different activities and, while taking each off to show the next, explain why each has helped me gain qualities of a good mentor.

I talked about being a summer camp counselor in training. I talked about being a library aide. I talked about Math Olympiad and TSA. I talked about student council as well.

Jacob helped me film and edit the video down to 60 seconds.

I was glad I had more to say than the required time allowed for.

I submitted my application on the Monday after we got it.

Between then and when the applications were due, it seemed that everyone I talked to had already applied or was planning to.

They only take 70 mentors.

I really hope that I make it.

Today is the day we find out about RISE.

They give out an envelope to everyone who applied.

Inside is either: “Congratulations” and details, or “We’re sorry to let you know…”

They wait until the very end of the day before our spring break to tell us – I guess so no one comes to school the next day all upset.

They hand out the envelopes to each of the kids who applied in my last period class.

My name is called and I hold up my hand for my envelope.

It says my name and the number of the room that I’m in.

I look around the room.

Lindsey is opening her envelope.

She smiles. She looks up and nods.

She got in.

I look back down at the envelope in my hand.

I flip it over.

I slide the turquoise colored paper out.

I unfold the paper.

I glimpse – “Congratulations.”

I have been chosen.

I am seen.

9 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 31

  1. I have loved reading these posts – especially in light of last year’s posts. I found myself going between them. Have you done that? I do think you could craft these stories in some type of chapter book – each character having his/her own perspective. It is engaging, has voice, lovable characters, relatable. I think you found your genre and structure for the story you have been trying tell — don’t you think? I will miss binge reading!!


  2. I love your chapter writing, Aileen. Each chapter revealed more about Jack and got to watch him grow and change from invisible to visible. Looking forward to your Tuesday posts.

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