Chapter 29

Today was the worst day ever.

I made the biggest mistake ever.

We were all finished our state testing, so I decided to listen to my music on my device.

But we weren’t allowed to do that, although everyone was finished.

My teacher was so frustrated that she gave me a blue slip.

A blue slip!

Only the bad kids get those.

I don’t see why I couldn’t quietly listen to my music.

But my teacher was really mad.

After testing, I went to my language arts class.

I sort of lost it during that class and my teacher had to send me down to the counselor.

The day kept getting worse and worse, as you see.

My counselor talked about how we all make mistakes and to give myself a break.

That was nice.

At lunch, I didn’t want anyone to know or talk about what happened.

Not even Lindsey.

I was too embarrassed.

As soon as I ate, I went to the library.

Or tried to go to the library.

This is when I got into trouble again!

As soon as I walked in Ms. Reynolds starts waving her arms for me to get out.

I noticed that there were kids in there taking their test still.

I’m so stupid!

Now Ms. Reynolds hates me!

Why do I keep making all of these stupid decisions?

What was worse what that I couldn’t go to the only place that makes me happy on the day I needed it the most.

When I got home, I told my mom everything.

She just hugged me, which was nice.

She asked if I wanted to email my teachers to apologize.

I did.

It was odd.

When Ms. Reynolds replied, she said that she didn’t even think about it after it happened (my walking in and disturbing testing).

She also said that a bunch of kids did it.

She ended by saying that now I knew that the library was off limits during testing and she looked forward to seeing me in the morning.


Then I got the reply from my math teacher who gave me the blue slip.

She wrote that all was forgiven and now I knew what the rules were.

She even thanked me for my mature attitude about the situation.

Then she said she was glad that I was in her class and that she thought I was great.

That was definitely not how I expected this day to end.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 29

  1. Learning from our mistakes is a sign of maturity. Our hero sees that too and the fact that he has people who make him feel better about himself is a good outcome too. Love following this journey he’s on.

  2. Just goes to show that s often in our mind things are so much worse than they really are. That Jack chose to reach out to his teachers and apologize tells a lot about the kind of person he is. I am sure mom is proud.

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