Strategies and techniques to support reading and writing skills with English Learners

As our classrooms grow more diverse, teachers need to have great conversations about “what works” in their classroom (including digital tools) to engage, honor, and support ELs’ diversity and English literacy skills.

This video speaks of the importance of this work, and helping English Learners find their voice:

Please join in an #engchat Twitter conversation on Monday, 11/9, at 7 p.m. around the following questions:

Q1: Activating/establishing background knowledge is critical in teaching ELs new concepts. What strategies do you find successful? #engchat
Q2: Vocabulary instruction (conversational&academic) supports language&academic development. How do you teach vocabulary in class? #engchat
Q3: How do you adjust your teaching and grouping of students during inclass/learning activities, to support language needs of ELs? #engchat
Q4: What teaching strategies have you used during writing instruction that  successfully support ELs as writers in your classroom? #engchat
Q5: How have you incorporated language/grammar mini-lessons into reading&writing, to reinforce ideas ELs are in need of learning? #engchat
Q6: What mentor texts have you found helpful, either for language development or cultural connections/awareness with your students? #engchat