The account that Kieran gave me was on the red team. I’m not supposed to call it that. I’m supposed to know the “real” names of the teams.

I’m looking it up now.

IMG_4244 2

I used to be on Team Valor. Each of the names means something, because Pokemon has been around a lot longer than the Go game (cards, cartoons, etc.) and has a whole story with characters with histories and legends, and on and on. Supposedly, Valor players are outgoing, among other qualities. It fit!

Kieran created a red account so he could help his other, blue, account when needed. Basically, if you get “stuck” in gym (which I will talk about later) like Kieran got stuck for almost a year (because no one visited that location after the summer), only someone from another team can “kick you out” of the gym.

However, it was kind of lonely being the only red team member in my family. Moreover, some of my colleagues at work were blue, like my sons.

Sometime last spring, the game made it possible to switch teams for a LOT of coins. You can only switch one time a year.

So I saved up my coins and changed teams. Now I am blue.


I mean Mystic. (You should see the boys when we are at a raid (will explain later) and they say, “Mystic, go in,” and I ask, “Is that me? Am I going in now?” They sigh big time).

But now we get bonuses for being on the same team when we play together. And, at least in Pokemon Go, I’m a bit more reserved, like a good blue team member should be.

5 thoughts on “Teams

  1. I love how committed you were to saving up those coins so you could all be on the same team! I can imagine the sighing, but I bet you save the day sometimes too! OR, will someday. 🙂

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