Feeling Nostalgic


Flipping through the channels

To see what I could watch

Lo and behold some old cartoons

Still run during the day.

I immediately felt a wave of melancholy nostalgia

For “Little Einsteins” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”

But really for what they represented:

Simpler times

Frequent snuggles

A house filled with singing

I love each stage that my kids have and are going through

but I find myself during this cold winter, missing my little ones

and the warmth and light they gave.



Anxious Time


To know Liam is to know a mostly calm, kind, quiet young man.

But not during finals week.

Between last week, with final projects and essays due, and this week, with studying and a changed schedule, Liam is feeling stressed.

What does this look like? A kid who is not happy. His face is clearly showing me his displeasure with this time.

What does this sound like? Some raising of his voice to his brother and expressions of self-doubt.

What does this feel like? A lot of hugging and fighting with/hitting of his brother. He is also extremely hungry.

What do I do about it? I give him words to help him process through his time and activities. I tell him it’s okay how he is feeling, but that he cannot take it out on others. I tell him that this will soon be over and he will get some new classes that he is looking forward to.

So, while I usually have a calm, easy-going kid, I have to show extra patience and support during this stressful time.

Moving forward as a writer #OLW18


I don’t always choose a resolution or a word because I feel like I have often failed them.

However, last year’s word would have been “write,” as I committed to blogging every day.

I am happy to say that I did it!

And now I’m ready for more.

But with that, I have to remind myself of the inspiration I have found in this writing community.

The leaders and mentors I have befriended here.

It would be easy for me to start to think that “I can do this writing thing alone,” but I cannot and do not want to.

Therefore, humble is this year’s word.

To remember those who have inspired me.

To honor those who have come before me.

To recognize that where I get my inspiration is not from myself, but from something far greater.

I am humbly grateful to this community and for those of you whose footsteps in which I hope to walk and that I strive to honor with this year’s work.