The Point…


The point of Pokemon Go, and of course any game, is to win.

How you win this game is up to one’s interpretation.

See, there’s the traditional way of winning, which is “having the most points.”

In Pokemon Go, that translates to gaining as many points as possible to become a level 40.

The account Kieran gave me started around a level 21. So, he says that it was easier for me to get to a level 40 so quickly, because he helped me out so much.

While this is true, it’s easy to acquire points to move up the lower levels.

Once you get to that last ten levels, it takes much longer.

With every pokemon you catch, you get points.

With every raid you complete, you get points.

If you open a “lucky egg” you get double points.

During certain “events” you can get double points, so you can now double those double points with a lucky egg.

When you give friends gifts, you get points.

When you become great friends and best friends, by playing with your friends (virtual) consistently (every day), you get lots of points that you can double.

I think I “won” this aspect of Pokemon Go both because of playing daily and never missing giving gifts and increasing my friend status faithfully.

And using lucky eggs at the right times didn’t hurt either.

The best part is that no one younger who finds out that I play ever expects me to say I’m a level 40.

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