#SOL17 – Day 23 – “Don’t!”


I have shared (a few times) that I love to sleep. Napping is amazing.

I’ve shared that Mea does not like naps; she is an amazing sleeper at night, however.

I have also shared that Mea stopped talking for a few months to “listen” to and learn her new language.

It comes as no surprise that I was completely floored when, one day, after all of that silence, when I was putting Mea into her crib for a nap (I was persistent, probably too much so), that she stood up, looked at me, pointed, and said, “Don’t.”

We laugh now and claim that “don’t” was her first American word.

It matches some of her personality to a T.

11 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 23 – “Don’t!”

  1. Ha!!!! I love this post. You’re raising a little girl who is not afraid to be assertive. I look forward to her running the world one day. 🙂

  2. Look at those smiles! Happy kids show it. I love Mea’s first word in English. Perfect! See how confident she was (and still is I’m sure).

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