Things that Helped our Son “Grow” that had Nothing to do with “School”


Band: Liam was first chair clarinet throughout his 7th grade year. This was the year he experienced a marching band unit as well. New experiences developed a more well-rounded player.

TSA (Technology Student Association): Liam learned about electrical apps, which was also a connection with his dad, who studied electronics and electrical engineering. He would go on to compete in nationals in Nashville, TN due to this event. He learned to stretch himself to try other events as well. Not all he liked, but he grew to understand which types of events were for him.

XC: This was his first year of running. He earned most improved runner and pushed himself physically like he had never had cause to before.

Math Counts (math competition): Liam’s second year found him placing 11th at the chapter competition – just one spot shy of making states. He learned how to gracefully handle disappointment while celebrating the success of earning 1st place among 7th graders and 2nd overall regionally.

Liam grew in confidence through these activities; his success came after hard work and applying himself.

Previously, most things had come easily to Liam. Or, he would give up if something was too difficult for him.


Through the encouragement of teachers and peers, he learned a new way to approach new or challenging situations.

Seventh grade was a huge year of growth for Liam personally and extra-curricular-ly.

3 thoughts on “Things that Helped our Son “Grow” that had Nothing to do with “School”

  1. So many opportunities for your young man to stretch himself. I love that he benefitted from the encouragement of others as he hung in there with new challenges.

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