#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 7

So maybe I exaggerated a bit about the invisibility thing. Or, maybe it’s something I feel while I’m at school, which makes it feel more serious that it is.

At home, though, I am anything but invisible. In fact, especially with my sister, who smirks and snarks at me whenever she gets the chance, meaning whenever my parents aren’t around, I wish I was a bit more invisible.

How can you call yourself invisible when your mom changed her job to be home more? Sure, we had to move to a smaller house to go along with her smaller pay, but she’s home to cook dinner and drive us places, which is better than a big house.

During the week, mom goes to my cross-country meets, even when they are away. She helps me with all of my homework except for math – Jacob helps with that. She also makes sure that I brush my teeth and take showers, do my homework and practice my trumpet. Actually, come to think of it, I might get too much attention at home.

In the fall, I get my wish to be less noticed at home. Mom gives all of her attention to Jacob and Jemila. Jacob has marching band football games on Friday nights. Jemila has softball every Saturday. My mom keeps score. Jacob also has marching band on Saturdays and competitions on Saturdays sometimes too.

One Saturday, my parents were so busy running the two of them here and there, that they left the house without me.

Fine by me though. I just started a new series on NetFlix and enjoyed some alone time.

One Friday, I asked my mom if I could go to the football game with her. She sometimes volunteers as a Band Mom, giving out waters and keeping watch over the band during the game, and watching their stuff and cleaning up their trash while they are performing their show during halftime or after the game.

She said, “Yes.”

I wasn’t sure what it would be like there.

First, I just watched the band. Do I want to do this when I get into high school? Jacob seems to have a good time. But, he would be a junior when I would be in 9th grade. But, we are in different sections. But, it takes up a lot of time and I wouldn’t be able to run cross-country. It’s something to think about.

Next thing I know, I see Lindsey, from lunch and my afternoon classes. She is sitting with her parents. I guess she either really likes football, or her older sister is here for some reason.

I ask my mom if I can walk around. Kids seem to be doing laps on the track around the stadium with their friends. Mom says, I can if I keep passing by to let her know I’m okay.

So, I start on my first lap, making sure to pass by where Lindsey is sitting. I’m not sure why I’m doing this. Maybe it’s just because she’s someone I recognize. She’s nice. It would be nice to talk with her and not sit by myself all night.

It takes me two more laps before she spots me. I slow down as I walk by and she calls out my name. I stop, look around (in the wrong direction at first, so she doesn’t think I saw her first), and then say, “Oh, hey.”

I ask, “Do you want to walk?”

She asks her parents for permission quick, and then we start walking around. At first, we don’t know what to say. Then Lindsey asks me a question about math and we start to talk. It’s nice.

We see a few other 7th graders. She must be popular because they all say hi to her. A few even nod in my direction. Cool.

After a few times around the football field, she says she has to head back to her seat. Her parents didn’t want to stay for the whole game.

I say, “See ya’ Monday,” and head back to my mom.

I spend the rest of the game thinking about how nice it is to be able to go off on my own and hang out with a friend. Being 13 and responsible has its benefits.

4 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 7

  1. There is that fine line of wanting to be noticed and not wanting it.Do I sense a budding romance? I really like Jack’s way of getting himself noticed by Lindsey. What boy hasn’t done this thinking the girl really doesn’t know what he is up to?

  2. I feel like Jack has exposed a new facet of himself here in this chapter. It’s like Jack is providing examples of the independence that he has craved in the previous chapters. And in this chapter, we get to see Jack stepping out of the shadows of his siblings, something that the previous chapters did not do. Chapter 7 made me smile for Jack, as I think he’s smiling to himself, too!

  3. I liked Jack’s discussion about not be invisible at home and that sometimes, he can see benefits in being invisible, Great plan by Jack to get noticed by Lindsey. Clever yet simple. It worked!

  4. Middle schoolers can exaggerate sometimes! I enjoyed reading how Jack distinguishes his invisibility between school and home. His encounter with Lindsey made me smile! Along with his sister’s smirks and snarks.

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