My World

What I see in those around me,
Is quite remarkable.
A teenager who instead of heading home after his meeting,
Stays late to join a practice already in session.
A young man who, when he comes in last,
Congratulates his teammates and cheers them on faithfully.
Who thought he only helped around the house this past week enough to earn a dollar’s allowance,
Then, puts 20 cents into the offering.
A middle child who cannot leave the house
Without saying goodbye to all of the pets.
Who sings in the shower,
And shares everything that’s on his mind.
Who remains friends with a boy who others shun,
Because he sees the good in him that others don’t.
And even when that friend is being frustrating,
Knows that being a friend is more important than how he’s feeling.
A daughter who writes stories
And letters to her grandmother about everything under the sun.
Who gets hit in the nose by the softball her mom threw,
But gets back to practice right away, despite the pain.
Who acts silly in school,
Because she doesn’t get enough recess.
Who can be seen tumbling to her heart’s content in the grass during recess,
And wishes she wasn’t too tall to enroll in gymnastics again.
A husband who runs the kids all over town,
Because his wife excitedly signs them up for great experiences.
Who hates water and sand,
But will be going to OBX this summer anyway.
Who dislikes cooking,
But has dinner faithfully on the table every night.
Who comforts his grateful wife,
And listens and loves and patiently waits for the family’s busyness to wane.
This is my world and oh, I am grateful.

12 thoughts on “My World

  1. What you see in your world looks and sounds beautiful. Isn’t it amazing what we notice when we look for the positives? It’s so nice that you can share it with others.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful world, Aileen. You’re poem is so well written and expressive. It’s refreshing to hear such positive thoughts.

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