#SOL17 – Day 7 – Our Court Date


It turned out that court was not all that exciting. It was a long wait (that week) and that day, however. So long, that Meaza actually fell and bumped her head at one point. You know head “injuries” – they always look so much worse than they are.

I was thinking two things: 1) I’m such a great mom: I let her out of my sight for five seconds and she got hurt; 2) What will the court think?

By the time we went to the window, it was all about the paperwork. We had proven ourselves well before ever getting to this point. This was just a formality. We celebrated that night, nevertheless. Meaza was officially ours. We would be returning home tomorrow!

A few things I learned while waiting (that week and day):

  1. Whatever money/cash you bring overseas, bring more. Much more. We completely ran out with paying for meals, purchasing a few “souvenirs,” and buying items that were sold along the side of the street: we were told not to give money as handouts, but to purchase items being sold to support those who were selling.
  2. Call your credit card company to share with them you are going overseas. Otherwise, they will freeze your account and access to money where credit cards are accepted.
  3. Don’t be too proud to accept help, even financial, when it is offered. We had the money at home, although it was doing us no good there. A very kind family who was also adopting fronted us funds. We were extremely grateful and repaid them (plus) as soon as we got home.
  4. My father once asked me why we didn’t want to help a child in America. It’s hard to explain that even American poverty cannot compare to poverty and difficulties experienced in other countries. Maybe I will expand upon this in a future post.

Things we learned about Meaza while we waited:

  1. She wanted to eat all of the time. Considering her situation, this was completely understandable.
  2. Eating restaurant food is exceptionally upsetting to a baby/toddler’s stomach when this stomach was used to eating oatmeal most of the time.
  3. While she was an amazing sleeper at night, she did not love to take naps. Do you remember my post about napping? We are a napping family, living in a napping house. We were exhausted and a bit frazzled.
  4. While Meaza preferred Mike (my husband), she was starting to tolerate me a little bit. He is funnier than I am, at least to her.
  5. Babies/toddlers do not love touring their country and taking in the sights.
  6. This time together was necessary for parents’ and child’s sake. It was strategically planned and a world of help.

Welcome to our family, Meaza!

15 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 7 – Our Court Date

  1. Congratulations!!!! I look forward to hearing more stories about Meaza. I, too, have learned lessons 1 & 2 (more cash & call your CC company).

  2. Wow! I learned so much from reading this post. The picture of Mea is so adorable! Your list of cautions made me giggle – I like the “napping house” and how babies do not enjoy “taking in the sights.” A wonderful post, Aileen! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aileen, Congratulations and kudos to you. What a gorgeous little girl. I have to backtrack and read your past posts. Enjoy each special moment with your little one.

  4. I love reading about some of what you learned about yourselves, your daughter, and just traveling internationally through the process! I was most struck by your response to the question from your dad about choosing international adoption over domestic, as I felt the same way. Looking forward to your post about that (if you chose to write it) as I myself often tried to explain it to others. Thanks for continuing to share your family’s story.

  5. No words for that picture –beyond cute!!! I too am interested in hearing about how you answered your dad’s questions (and how you felt about it). You have so much to share for parents in so many ways — wow – what a journey you have had with your 3 kiddos. No wonder it is a napping house!

  6. Oh, congratulations! I saw the title on the SOL link-up and thought this might be the topic. Our court date overseas was coming on five years ago now. Your daughter is beautiful.

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