How We Know She’s Happy

While Mea is quiet at home, there are a number of ways to tell that she’s happy. Even back when she was only two to three years old, these “signs” emerged.


When Mea is happy, she talks out loud about everything that is on her mind. It’s like a cork was popped and all of her thoughts start to bubble out. They come out in random order and jump from topic to topic. When she babbles in this bubbly sort of way, she’s happy.

When Mea is happy, she bounces. One time, during karate, she was standing still, listening to directions. The sensei gave her a compliment in front of everyone. She literally started to hop in place. We could tell that his words made her happy.

When Mea is happy, she writes. She started by copying stories that she heard in school. Now, she has journals full of different writing and stories. Reading what she has written let’s us know what makes her happy.

When Mea is happy, she holds my hand. She is not a “touchy” person. But if we are going to a place such as a restaurant, store, or Hershey Park, she will quietly slip her hand into mine. I know we are going somewhere that is making her happy.


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