Where it All Began


The teacher who would have taught Liam for math in fifth grade still had an impact on his life – he introduced him to Scratch programming.

Liam loved video games and loved computers.

Starting in fifth grade, he also loved programming.

My understanding is that Scratch is somewhat different than other programming systems.

However it is, it makes sense to Liam.

In addition to what he learned in fifth grade, Liam learned through Code.org’s Hour of Code, some Codeacademy.com, some Khan Academy, and eventually, an Advanced Scratch Programming course through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Liam is SuperPi2 on Scratch. He has followers to some of his games.

He’s written two different games with teammates for Middle School TSA.

Fifth grade provided more than just acceleration in math. It also offered him an opportunity to stretch his knowledge into something he still loves to do.

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