Of all the writing I have to do in school, I like poetry the most.

I like it because I can write exactly what’s on my mind about the topic.

I don’t need to have to plan out everything, like in a narrative.

I don’t need to do research before I write, like in information or argument writing.

Here are some examples of poems I have written:

Fat Cat

Leaping up to the windowsill,

The fat, fluffy cat chases the fly,

As the bright sun warms her fur.


Prancing across the dining room,

She continues to pursue her prey

As she looks up and bats

like a boxer.


She won’t care if someone comes,

Because she’s determined to catch the buzzing bug

(For a snack).


Poet Tree

What grows on a poet tree?

Poets or poems?

I assume the only way to find out would be to plant one.

But nothing would grow if you planted poetry

Or a poet tree (probably because they don’t exist).


Tennessee Hike

We went on a hike in Tennessee.

Many misty mountains around the path—

which was 5 miles.

The trail was tiring, though it was paved.

Hiking up to Clingman’s dome

one and a quarter miles of the ground

way above the evergreens.

The height made a great view

of the Smokies

far away in the distance.


Kieran was far up ahead

then Mea followed by Dad—

while I was in back with Mom.

The coiled snake we passed

and other wildlife were in view

while we enjoyed the hike.

The feeling of love

when you’re with your family,

seeing things you can’t at home,

on a hike, on a vacation in Tennessee.



Arrival at the chess table

Waiting for an opponent.

He comes and sits down.

The chess match begins.

My pawn out two spaces.

His knight, ahead two, over one.

The match continues.

Capturing a pawn.

Opponent takes my knight

Without noticing the bishop in the corner

that ambushes his piece.

Minutes pass.

Down to my king

against a king—

and a rook,

as well as the smashed bishop.

11 moves until an tie is forced.

But as I think that I am forced to lose,

My opponent makes a huge blunder

And a stalemate ends the game.

4 thoughts on “Poet TREE

  1. Great poems. I agree with your thoughts on poetry. Sometimes, however, I think there is more planning that goes into a poem because choosing the right word to convey a thought takes careful consideration. Love the Fat Cat poem.

  2. Your poems are both fun and evocative. I admire your ability to write with brevity: a skill I hope to acquire someday! Tennessee Hike took me back to the Smokies, where I haven’t been in nearly 20 years, but I’ll be there for Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding me what it’s like. Clingman’s Dome and family togetherness, here I come!

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