At the end of the year, another thing my school has is a carnival.

Every student can go.

It takes place around the recess area and tennis courts.

I shared tickets with Mickey.

We got to play cool games like Chance Wheel, Knock over the Cats, and a pipe game.

There were a bunch of tubes set up.

They were labeled with different numbers.

The goal was to get a little ball into one of the tubes to score points.

There was also a bounce house obstacle course.

I didn’t do that this year.

We got to go to the carnival when I was in fifth grade because we were located at the middle school.

This year, I did the jousting arena with Mickey.

I had to stay on a platform and hit him off of his platform.

We both had trouble staying on our platform, but it was fun to try.

This was the perfect end to a great school year.

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