Happy 8th Gotcha Day!


(one of my all-time favorite pictures of Mea).

Eight years ago today, we officially became Mea’s parents.

She became the final, essential part of our family.

Some adoptive families call this “gotcha day.”

There’s even a song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBpnfYmDbY4

A colleague who is adopted was sharing with me yesterday, that when he was only in first grade, he got into trouble for telling his classmates: your parents had to have you; my parents chose me – with pride in his voice.

I love how strongly he felt about being a part of his family.

Just two days ago, Mea and I were not seeing eye to eye. I shared with her that I knew that God chose me to be her Mom, so I was going to do the best job possible, not slack off like she was hoping I would.

Yes, “gotcha day” can be seen as sad.

It is a day of loss for another family.

A mom or dad who permanently gave up their child.

At the same time, they loved her so very much that they gave her a family and a life that she otherwise might not have had, with education and health, and possibilities that might not have existed for her otherwise.

And for that, we are extremely grateful and will celebrate Mea today.

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