#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 10

After the fire drill incident, Miss Noel was really nice to me. She must have told some of the other teachers because when I saw some teachers in the hallway, they were friendly.

“Hey, Jack!”

“How’s it going there, buddy?”

“What’s up?”

After a while, I wished they didn’t notice me in the hall. It was a little weird.

Our science project was going well. We were collecting lots of data. Mr. Gardner let us work during class to test subjects (our classmates).

We kept “meeting” online during the week.

I found out that Lindsey played basketball and is thinking of running cross-country next year.

Kiera swims.

In math class, which we were also in together, the teacher announced an online math competition.

Each night, I completed as many problems as my parents would let me stay online for. After about a week, Lindsey and I were the top two players. One day, she would be ahead. The next, it would be me.

In school, I would ask her if she planned to be online that night. She seemed annoyed that I was asking.

I told her I wanted to win. She sighed and asked if I would just drop it, like she was kind of mad about it.

I wanted to win, but I didn’t want her to be angry with me.

So each night between that day and the end of the competition, I played, but I didn’t obsess over playing until I had the high score.

Lindsey won in the end.

She had a huge smile on her face when the teacher announced it in class the following week.

I didn’t feel that bad about losing either.

7 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 10

  1. Did Jack throw the competition to Lindsey? I had a feeling he was giving her the edge “because he didn’t want her to be mad” at him. I want Jack to grow into himself. I’m rooting for him!

  2. Just like last year, I like to stockpile your slices and read them in chunks. I read all 10 (some reread) this morning. I really like it. I love how (at least I think) you are using many of the slices from last year – just crafting them differently. At first I was think of a chapter book – each chapter from each child’s point of view (kind of like Wonder). Now I see it is mostly from Jack’s point of view. The invisible thread is powerful — the fire drill heartbreaking. I am curious to see it unfold especially since I know their stories in real life. The writing is really good Aileen. I love how you are using your exploration from last year in this new way. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  3. Maybe by not winning Jack has already won. I like how you took what could have been an all out struggle to win by both and turned it into one where one one the competition while the other won the knowledge that he is good on his own

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