#SOL18 – Changing Things Up for the Weekend


for readings



Long week of

feeling unwell,

not knowing why.

At least we have answers,

but looking at a

road of recovery ahead.

Thankful for

prayers, friends,

youth, and the Disney Channel

to get us through.

26 thoughts on “#SOL18 – Changing Things Up for the Weekend

  1. Good luck! My husband and I were there a year ago, tests and waiting. A year later and it’s like day verses night. It’s good to hear you have a path to follow now.

  2. I’m going to assume that is your daughter. She is beautiful! I love her smile.

    Hope the recovery road is smooth for her and for you/your family, too!

  3. Your post stated very well your worry and your longing for a path. Prayers that the path is smooth and comes to conclusion quickly. Disney TV is a blessing!

  4. Praying things go well for Mea. So sorry to hear about this, Aileen. Prayers for everything to go right and Mea’s speedy recovery. Sending love and warm positive thoughts yoyr way.

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