The Way I See It – Chapter 16


My brother is two years younger than I am.

He lets me sleep on his floor on the weekends.

My bedroom is downstairs in the den.

On the weekends, it’s like having a sleepover, which is fun.

We both like Angry Birds and Star Wars.

He means a lot to me because we always have each other to play with.

It’s great to have someone that understands my games, most of the time.

Sometimes we fight.

He says that my games are not fair.

In math, I learned that the definition of “a fair game” is that everyone has the same chance of winning.

Therefore, my games are fair.

Sometimes he makes rules on his turn that makes him win immediately.

That’s not fair to me.

When I make a new rule, I do it on his turn to make sure that it’s fair.

After we fight, we get separated and video games are taken away.

But, we usually start playing together again after a few minutes.

We really like playing together, even if we sometimes fight.

4 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 16

  1. All those fights work out things our kids will need to deal with among people who do not love them the way their siblings do. I see this with my three.

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