The Way I See It – Chapter 25

The Cats

My cats’ names are Molly and Hannah.

I like cats much more than dogs.

They are really cute and furry.

My dog is too, but she is also wet.

I don’t like it when she licks me.

The cats sometimes come into my room when I don’t want them to.

They eat my stuff.

I have to barricade my door closed to keep them out of my room.

When I do want them in my room, I open the door.

A minute or two later, there they are.

I pet them.

This can calm me down.

It makes me feel peaceful.

I love them.

6 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 25

  1. I’m a cat person too. That means I like cats better than other animals. My cat, Hadley, is18 years old. I like the way you explained that petting your cat is calming. When I pet my cat, I slow down and breathe deeply which is calming for me.

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