The Way I See It – Chapter 30


I went away on my first during-the-day school trip for MATHCOUNTS.

This is a club that I attend each week.

We do math problems.

I really like doing the problems for this club.

A few times, I don’t get the answers right.

I am learning not to be too upset about it.

I get disappointed because others are relying on me to know the answers.

Most of the other students in the club are in seventh and eighth grade.

Because I take seventh grade math, I can be in the club, although I am only a sixth grader.

The competition for my county was fun.

We went to a local college.

The food there was great.

I came in 13th place.

It was the highest for my school.

We need to practice the team competition a little better.

We did not work as a team as well as I think we should have.

Then, eight of us went to the regional competition, which was at a bigger college.

It was called a university.

We met some math professors and I now think I want to be a mathematician.

They had a cool conveyor belt that I put my dishes on after I ate lunch.

I came in 14th place.

I was the only one from my school to place, because they only gave medals to the top 20 students.

We had a pizza party to celebrate afterwards.

I think I will do this club next year as well.

I hope we learn to work better as a team.

I’m going to practice by doing Khan Academy until MATHCOUNTS club starts again next year.

I really enjoy doing math.

3 thoughts on “The Way I See It – Chapter 30

  1. Congratulations. What wonderful achievements. We do tend to feel disappointed in ourselves when we feel others are counting on us and we make a mistake. As long as we are trying our best, that is what is important and counts. Again, congratulations on what you did accomplish.

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