Going to 1st

Our transition to 1st grade was as smooth as could be expected. Over the summer between Kindergarten and 1st grade, we had meetings with the district. We shared the psyco-educational evaluation that had been completed by CHOP. (This was a huge blessing – that his developmental pediatrician made possible. I’m humbled to admit that it was at no expense to us).

Liam was re-tested by the school psychologist. We participated in an IEP meeting. Liam was assigned a fabulous itinerant autistic support teacher. She recommended Liam come to visit the school and his various classrooms the week before school started, with her, so that they could start to build a relationship, and that he would be able to start to map his “new world” without all of the other students there. This was perfect for Liam (and something we had put into his IEP for each subsequent year), as he has a “mapping” kind of brain. While he would spend most of his day in the 1st grade pod, he learned where everything else was and never got lost.

He was given the most amazing 1st grade teacher. She was a few years from retirement, so extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She was the assistant superintendent’s wife, so knew the district well. She was that perfect balance of calm and firm, but also fun.

To show you a bit about her personality, she had a reading bathtub in her room.


It was one of the most literacy-rich environments I had ever seen (which tickled my heart).

He was in excellent hands to start off his public school education.

7 thoughts on “Going to 1st

  1. As an elementary teacher and a mom of a unique and wonderful six year old boy, I love everything about this post. It is such a great feeling, and a wonderful piece of mind as a mom, to know that your son is in such capable, caring, hands. As educators, I feel that we may have a bit more “expectations” perhaps in the experience we want for our kiddos, and sounds like this teacher is amazing. I love the bathtub idea too!! I hope I get as lucky next year when my little one goes off to first grade. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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