#SOL17 – Day 30 – Everybody Says… Liam

Everybody says

I am my father’s son:

the dark hair, thick eyebrows, Asperger’s Syndrome,

the habit of not paying attention to the “unimportant” details in life,

the difficulty with having a conversation.


Everybody says

I’m the image of my maternal grandmother,

with her nose, her toes, her hair color,

and even her ears.


Everybody says

I am tall like my uncles,

two on my mother’s side and one on my father’s side;

All over 6 feet tall, like people think I will be.


Everybody says

My heart is like my mother’s,

My kindness and love for The Lord,

as well as her sarcasm,

also her intelligence and love for reading.


Everybody says,

Everybody says,

Everybody says…


But I just want to be me.


With a nod to my mentor text: “Everybody Says” by Dorothy Aldis in Songs of Myself compiled by Georgia Heard and posted/blogged by Lynne Dorfman.

8 thoughts on “#SOL17 – Day 30 – Everybody Says… Liam

  1. A lovely sketch of Liam with your words. I love seeing the pictures side by side. What a cutie! There is so much truth in this poem. We always look for the familiar similarities when we should be seeing the child for who he is.

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