Why I Hate Gingerbread House-Making Day

Mea spring 2015 (2)

We thought we had planned for everything.

Mea had a supportive teacher who understood the situation.

I had taken time off from work to be a “mom” so that Mea wasn’t the only kid without a parent present.

We talked and prepared Mea for the day.

Things started off well.

Mea picked her candy, planned her house, and we had a nice time building.

Then, I had to get back to work.

Another adult suggested that Mea put more decorations on her house.

Her teacher called me later to say that Mea had eaten some of the decorations – the candy that she just couldn’t resist.

Her teacher was positive and shared that she had handled the situation sensitively.

Next week (in the present), there’s another gingerbread house decorating party.

Parents are not invited to attend.

I wonder if we are just setting her up for “failure” if we send her.

There’s only so many times a kid can “get into trouble,” right?

2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Gingerbread House-Making Day

  1. I’ve never heard of gingerbread house making parties. Is this something new? We always just do it at home as a family.
    Anyway, if you feel it’s best for her to not attend the candy filled decorating party without you present, there is nothing wrong with politely declining the invitation. If Mea is upset about your decision, you can explain to her why she isn’t allowed to go and tell her that she will be able to attend those events only after she starts proving that you can trust her to make the right decisions without you there.
    Maybe it will be an incentive to start thinking before she makes a bad choice?

    Or if you want her to attend, you could have a long talk with her before hand about your expectations of her behavior. Let her know if she doesn’t follow the rules you set for her then she won’t be allowed to attend the parties without you anymore?

    These are all merely suggestions because you know what’s best for your family. I just know parenting can be so hard! You only want to do what’s best for your children, however no two kids are ever alike so figuring out what’s “best” isn’t always an easy problem to solve.

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