#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 15

I volunteer in the library in the mornings before school.

In the summer before sixth and seventh grades, I participated in the book clubs the library held.

This past summer I also did a maker-space camp that Ms. Reynolds was running with Mr. Gardner. I thought it would be a nice way to get to know a seventh-grade teacher.

I didn’t realize then, like I do now, that Ms. Reynolds is my favorite teacher in the whole school.

Maybe it’s because she isn’t exactly my teacher, but really a cool adult that doesn’t give me homework.

She really trusts us to work hard and take care of our responsibilities.

I’ve had fights with my mom about getting to school early when it’s my day to be a library aide.

Like today, both my brother and my sister are staying home sick from school.

Can you believe that my mom wanted me to take the bus?

It’s my library day!

She drove me in.

I go in on days that are not mine when I can.

Ms. Reynolds says she can always count on me.

Another thing that I’ve learned from being a library aide is all about 50s music.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard.

You know, “Johnny B. Goode” and “Great Balls of Fire”?

I listen to it now when I get home.

Sometimes I listen for hours.

So far, there’s no song that I love that my mom or dad haven’t heard before.

I don’t think they were alive in the 50s, but they seem to know the music.

I’m really glad Lindsey and I decided to sign up for library aides this year.

I’m definitely doing it next year.

11 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 15

  1. Your post made this librarian’s heart happy today. Thank you for the story about the impact a library–and a librarian–can have on a student’s life!

  2. Wow! Your son really is amazing! I love his devotion to the library job and to Mrs. Reynolds. The fact that he enjoys volunteering is so great, Aileen! We all have one favorite teacher that stands out to us for one reason or another. I could really feel this piece, and the 50s music added another dimension. Great post!

  3. Aileen, now that I read this mid-#sol18 piece of yours, I want to read more from a student point of view. Staying home with two sick kids and taking one to school-that’s what Moms do.

  4. A new side of Jack. He loves being library aid. He is responsible, but we already knew that…this adds another layer. And the 50’s music! He has good taste.

  5. Jack has me wondering after this chapter: does he like being the librarian’s helper because it is something that he can “own” away from his siblings? Does he like having the responsibility and sense of purpose? Jack seems to own what he has an interest in, just like we have sort of seen from him in earlier chapters. Such a fun character to get to know – and relatable, too!

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