#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 23

Mom finds me, dragster in hand.

I tell her how we won the technology bowl live rounds.

She gives me a hug.

Then I spot my dragster’s rubric: 38/50.

Oh, well. I guess that won’t be a winning event.

I did have a good time building it and working with Mr. Thomas on it.

We head into the auditorium for the awards.

Thankfully, my mom sits with other parents and I sit with my teammates – my friends.

I see the high school students sitting on the exact opposite side of the auditorium as us.

I fill with pride because the middle school brought twice as many students, and I’m one of them.

We wait for a while as the results for the whole competition are counted up.

Then the announcements start.

Jacob: 1st place in Music Production.

2nd place in Biotechnology Design.

2nd place Technology Bowl.

High school is very competitive, so this is actually good for his 9th grade year.

Me: 1st place Technology Bowl (which we knew).

Then comes a surprise: 1st place in Technology Bowl written. Woah!

2nd place Website Design – Aaron and I bump fists and then head up to the stage together.

Then, 2nd place Electrical Applications. What? We didn’t even finish the schematic. I guess the other teams didn’t either. Aaron and I head back up!

Finally, the biggest surprise of all: 1st place in Dragster! I smile at Mr. Thomas as I head up to get my ribbon.

I cannot believe it! I placed in every one of my events! What a surprise!

We have a great time on the bus ride home.

We were the top middle school today.

We all hold our ribbons and talk about our events.

What a day!

I get off the bus and put my materials away in the Tech Room.

While I’m sitting in the car with my mom, waiting for Jacob to do the same, she says quietly, “I know that sometimes you feel like you are in Jacob’s shadow, because he has done so well at so many things.

But this year, you ran faster as a 7th grader than he did in his same year.

In TSA, he only qualified for states with one first place event. He actually forgot one of his events back at school when he was in 7th grade.

You placed first or second in all of your events.

It’s time you realized that you are standing out on your own.

Just something to think about, okay?”

I think to myself, Very okay.

5 thoughts on “#SOL18 – WIP Chapter 23

  1. Oh, I loved this piece and especially your conversation with Jack. It is hard following a talented sibling. This day helped separate him from his brother. We all need days like this one! Congratulations all around!

  2. What a beautiful pep talk from Mom. Sometimes, pointing out the obvious to our kids is a necessity for them to build their confidence. I feel like this Tech Bowl was a turning point for Jack. Hopefully, he does realize on his own that he is creating his own shadow away from his brother. There’s a big difference between agreeing to seeing it and actually “seeing” it.

  3. I can feel Jack’s pride. He accomplished so much by himself as well as with his teammates. His path is no longer darkened by someone else’s shadow. The light shines directly on him.

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